eSport and Gaming


. Gaming and eSport business is capital intensive

Round after round of private capital raising deviates resources from the core business of the company. 

RightBridge contributes with the heavy lifting of capital raising through its own capital, syndication and network.

. Scale – up companies do not have the competence or the financial muscle to attract and maintain public capital

financials to attract and maintain public capital and institutional investors

. eSport and Gaming investments are challenging due to the rapidly pivoting of its business models and evolving value chain

Teams, influencers, platforms, publishers, new technologies, business models and consumer trends create a dynamic environment that requires experience to analyse opportunities and risks.

RightBridge  gained experience in the European and Asian eSport and Gaming markets screens the market for visionary teams that have the potential to shape the industry’s value chain.

. eSport and Gaming reminds the raise of Social Media 

As users adopted social media, companies like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat each saw high traction (globally, just like with esports) but did not come up with effective monetization strategies until further down the road. Today, these companies are now worth billions.

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